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Welcome to Grand Platon Hotel


Pieria, the land of the gods, is the secret paradise of Greece, with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, the mythical Mount Olympus,
the most beautiful place of Pieria with the longest coastline in Greece, that’s where you will find the hotel Grand Platon.

Located at the feet of Mount Olympus and among the most famous beaches of Northern Greece, Paralia Katerini and Olympic Beach.

Here, nature meets history and culture. Vacation in Grand Platon allows visitors to experience the major attractions such as the village Litohoro,
starting point of the canyon of Enipea and a path that leads to the highest peak "Mytikas", protected by UNESKO Delta of Penaeus and the famous Valley of Tempi.

The area has many important archaeological sites within a few kilometers distance. Among them, the historical Dion, the cultural capital of the ancient
Macedonians and Vergina with the golden lamax and historic tomb of Philip II.

Book your vacations in Pieria, at the hotel Grand Platon, to live an unforgettable experience. Give yourself and your family the opportunity for unforgettable holidays,
combining entertainment with knowledge.

Explore nature and learn more about the history of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.